A removalist business without any trucks?

In recent years, waste has increasingly become a consumer focus. More and more are basing their brand loyalty on how well a business deals with its ecological footprint. Companies who do not do enough to cut down their waste whether that be time, space or just plain excess from production can often find their market value dropping purely because they haven’t kept up with consumer concerns. This is especially the case if there is competition who have made reducing waste a priority.

A removalist business without any trucks?

The share economy often goes hand-in-hand with trying to be more ecologically responsible. Most of the time "one person's junk is another person's treasure" and if someone can make use of what would otherwise be thrown away then everyone's a winner.

Not only is it good PR but what makes this more of an incentive is that there is money to be made. With some clever business and marketing nous profit can be carved out of what, previously, would have been considered rubbish.

MUVAL is one of those alchemy companies turning worthless into worth.

Removal companies waste space on almost every journey because their truck isn't 100% full. Sometimes they can be empty on a return journey. Imagine a truck makes a long haul delivery from Perth to Adelaide, delivers the goods and turns around and heads back again. That return journey with an empty truck is waste. Wasted space and wasted money.

Or a truck needs to travel from Brisbane to Sydney but has only 50% of its hold full. Half of that truck is waste. That 'waste' can be shared with those who will find it valuable.

We keep track of those journeys and any other journey that has a truck with space to fill. Removalist companies that sign up to MUVAL send us a weekly schedule of their journeys which we then match up with customers looking to move their possessions interstate.

Removalists are prepared to offer otherwise premium space at low prices because they will make money whereas before they would have made none. Customers get a cheap moving rate because they don't have to hire a whole truck to only use a small amount.

This is not only a win for consumers but also the planet. A shared truck is one less truck on the road. Less trucks equals less emissions and a healthier planet for us all. And for once a more responsible lifestyle is not a more expensive one. This economic life choice saves you money!

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