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Be Savvy & Save whilst Moving Interstate

As a consumer in today´s world ignorance is seldom bliss. We stress about finding the right company in any industry – seeking quality without having to empty the pocketbook.

As a consumer in today´s world ignorance is seldom bliss. We stress about finding the right company in any industry – seeking quality without having to empty the pocketbook.

When having to turn to the removalist industry, you may not know where to start. You can peruse the Internet for reviews, but ultimately information, and not just opinions, will be your strongest resource.

When moving interstate, providing accurate information is equally as important as receiving accurate information. Knowing how to provide and elicit the essential information is key.

Which details should you provide?     

When calling around to different companies, we often just want a general idea of pricing. We want to provide the least information possible for a quick quote then keep moving down the list. Skipping the details, however, can lead to an inflated price or an incomplete service.

Providing a thorough inventory, even if you need to update it along the way, may seem like the most difficult task but it´s also the most important. An exact inventory will generate an exact quote and you´ll be able to see what you´re paying for each cubic meter of space you require.

Along with an inventory list, pictures can be very helpful. You may not have time to measure out the dimensions of every piece of furniture, but by sending pictures, you can help the movers gage how they´ll be able to pack the truck.

Specific details concerning access will help evade any additional last-minute charges. Make sure you let the removalist company know if there´s a designated parking spot for the truck. If you have a steep driveway or there are stairs, disclose this information during the initial quoting process.

Which questions should you ask?

To save money, ask the removalist company if they already have scheduled trips for your route. If you can be flexible with your pickup and drop-off dates, the price can change drastically.

Ask about storage options to see if that´ll allow more flexibility. A lot of companies offer two weeks free storage, but will have a reloading or redelivery fee they won´t tell you about upfront. Make sure you ask what the associated costs are and bear in mind what kind of other hidden fees there can be.

You can also ask the provider if they have a depot-to-depot service. Should you have your own ute or a mate that can lend you one, see if you can save more by dropping off and picking up your things at each depot.

If depot-to-depot is not an option, ask if ground floor to ground floor is. You can circumvent a stairs or lift fee if everything is ready to go downstairs.

Adding it all up to save!

Once you´ve provided your inventory and access information, any qualified removalist should be able to provide you with an accurate quote and answer any question with complete transparency.

Remember, what you initially invest in time will be well worth the peace of mind (and dollars saved)!

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