How to start your business in a new city?

Moving interstate and taking your business with you? Here are some tips to follow to ensure your business will be successful in its new location.

How to start your business in a new city?

Starting a business is stressful but at the same time exciting not to mention if you plan to start your business in a new city.

Saying that stress and anxiety are parts of starting up and running a business while moving to a new location is an understatement.

While you can’t completely eliminate stress and anxiety that may come during these times, you can adopt these five few simple steps to ensure a smooth move into a new city and starting your own business.


Research and identify the product or service that you will be offering in the new location. Start by taking into consideration your target demographics, the competitors in the area and what your pricing will look like. Is the product or service your offering a niche in the area or is the market saturated? What is the socio-economics of the area and can people afford your products or services? Is your business going to be online or you will be physically opening up a store, or both? If you have a physical shop, is this in a location with a lot of foot traffic, or will you need to encourage people to find your store? For start-ups, cash is king so being in the right location attracting the right customers are all things you need to consider in order to make this decision viable.

Learn the legal aspects of the business

Running a start-up requires you to be familiar with a few legal aspects of the business to ensure that the business operates within the confines of the law. You should acquire the much-needed registrations from the government to start your business. You can start by identifying your business name, identifying the type and structure of your business, and find out the licenses that you would need to operate legally in your area. It might be a bit premature but perhaps if the business starts doing well you will need to look at someone to take care of the finances and taxes, or you can implement systems like Xero. This can help you position your business to take advantage of some of the benefits while avoiding tax problems in the future.




Moving and starting a business requires capital. Costs pile up quickly and there may be a few upfront fees that can drain your bank account. No business can sustain itself without cash. As a start, It is very important that you can finance your personal needs through your own savings. You can seek capital with friends and family and should the amount have deemed insufficient, taking loans through banks and small business associations can be considered.               It is also helpful to take care of your credit score so you would have the ability to borrow as much as you need.

Decide what will you move

Since you’ll be embarking on a new city, you have to decide which items are you bringing to your new location. You can write down a list of things that you own or things that you can use for your business. Then you can consider whether it would be more cost effective to move them to the new location, or sell them for cash and replace them at the other end. If you decide that you want items to move with you, you might want to consider backloading to save on money. Backloading is a process whereby a truck returning from its initial journey will fill the back of the truck with your things. Because the truck was already on this journey, this allows you to save money as it is also a cost effective and environmentally economic way of moving. This is where Muval can help you save time and money.

Hire Help

Start up business owners have the tendency to do everything themselves. No matter how tempting, avoid doing so. It’s very important that you have the right people that can help you manage your business whether it be an accountant, book keeper, removal companies or freelancers. Rather than being tied up on doing the important yet time consuming tasks of running a business it is important to delegate and have the right people that will allow you to focus more on growing your business. After all, the bottom line is what will keep you, employees and the business afloat.

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