New State, New Start!

Moving house can be a mixture of emotions. There is the sadness and nostalgia associated with the place you are leaving. Not just your old home, but the local area. The familiar people walking their dogs, your favourite coffee spot, the local take away.

New State, New Start!

But there is also the excitement and anticipation of getting to know your new home and its surroundings. Life feels full of potential as you prepare to start a new chapter. New jobs, new neighbours, new cafes and restaurants all need to be explored!

Added to all this is, of course, the stress of the move itself. From ruthlessly sifting through your accumulated possessions to realising you have nowhere near enough boxes. From trying to remember the correct way to lift heavy boxes to trying to find the phone charger again.

All these feelings are only amplified when moving interstate. It may be the same country, but things are slightly different. Slang words you've never heard of before, shopping chains you never knew existed, number plates with new slogans. All of things can make you feel like a visitor for a little while until it slowly becomes your new normal and starts to feel like home.

Then there's the cost of the removal company. Why is it that we always forget that in the budget?!

Well, MUVAL can help you out on that front.

MUVAL works by finding space in trucks that are already making the journey between any major Australian city. Not every truck is filled to capacity meaning the space is otherwise wasted. You can have that space for a fraction of the price!

For example, a business is delivering some goods from Adelaide to Sydney but have only filled up 70% of the truck. That's 30% of wasted space. In a 43 cubic metre truck that is 12.9 metres that could be yours.

Or say a truck is full on its journey from Brisbane to Newcastle but it is more than likely to be empty on the way back. If the removal company can make a little extra on the return they will jump on it. That is why they are registered with us so they can take your stuff in an otherwise empty (and unprofitable truck).

This is why we can offer such affordable pricing. If trucking companies are making the journey anyway then they are prepared to offer their services for far cheaper.

All of which means that those cafes and restaurants can be explored much earlier and more thoroughly with all the cash you've saved!

We can also assure you of the very best handling service. Our reputation is on the line, so we only worked with trained professionals. We also have a rating system, so it is in the interest of the removal companies to do a good job so people use them again!

We want to take away as much stress as possible and leave you with more money than you bargained so your big move can be as smooth as possible.

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