The Latest Property Management Tools

We're taking a look at the latest platforms and tools that are helping property managers & tenants make for a smoother experience when moving between rentals.

The Latest Property Management Tools

Long gone are the days of filling out endless forms with pen and paper to sign up for a lease and having to make multiple calls to find a service to fix a a leak, organise a cleaner or find a Removalist.

It's becoming common place now for property managers to use the latest technology to connect their tenants to services that save time and more importantly save money when needing to service the needs at a rental property.

What are the latest Property Management Software Tools?

There are a number of different providers for different needs and many of the larger Real Estate companies have their own systems to help keep things running smoothly.

One of the recent entrants into the game to keep an eye on is Kolmeo.

"What's a Kolmeo" you might ask!?

Well, we decided to reach out and learn a bit more about what they're up to that's so different.

"Kolmeo means ‘triangle’. It represents the three core users our platform is built for – tenants, owners and property managers. Kolmeo is designed to create harmony and happiness between all three sides of the property management triangle." the team at Kolmeo told us.

Kolmeo works differently to other property management platforms: it’s request based. Anyone using Kolmeo – either an owner, tenant or property manager – can start a request. The request stays live until it’s resolved, which means you can bring in different people when you want and need to. Plus, it disappears from your dynamic to-do list when it’s advanced and goes onto the next stage on the platform.

The other interesting thing about Kolmeo is the having the ability for tenants to access the market place of quotes for a range of services in one place. 

kolmeo muval

What does this all mean? 

There is a trend that is moving away from searching to just simple direct servicing through apps like Kolmeo and more. You'll start to find Muval on more and more apps and property management tools as this trend increases where you can easily get multiple quotes instantly and book online for your next move.

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