Top Tips for Moving in (or out) for Valentine's Day

The team from Muval see a lot of requests for quotes come through it’s website around Valentine's Day. It is important to remember a few little tips when considering the big move.

Top Tips for Moving in (or out) for Valentine's Day


1.​ ​Choose a Removalist that offers flexible, “change your mind” options.

It’s often that once you actually book the move, it all becomes a bit real and attitudes might change earlier than before actual move in or out date. Muval offers a refundable deposit up to 2 days (if pick up date is longer than 5 days away) after booking any Removalist on the platform.

2.​ ​Work out your combined inventory list and what really needs to be moved

We know there’s a lot of sentimental items that you might want to keep. But the more things you move, the more it typically costs. Try and sell off the things that you don’t need to take with you and save! 

3.​ ​Moving interstate? Share the load with someone else!

Muval has a range of Removalists who provide options to share unused truck space from city to city to help save money. If you only have 4 or 5 bulky items to move, it can be better to book a backload than use up a full truck.

4.​ ​Do a pretend move in first!

Is that really the drawer where he or she thinks the knives and forks should live? What! You keep your Vegemite in the fridge? We suggest a more practical type of role play to check all the “little things” before clicking that “book now” button.

5. Just like any good relationship, choose a Removalist with good communication

Whether you’re moving out or in, there’s a lot of coinciding events like bond cleans, organizing days off work, packing up boxes, organizing insurances and more. When comparing who’s going to help you with your move, our customers best Removalist reviews come from those with high communication scores, not just the cheapest price.

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