Electricity, Gas & Internet + Move Cash Back Special Promotion

Connect your electricity, gas and / or internet with Muval's preferred connections provider when you move house with Muval, and receive $100 cash back when your move is complete!

Muval has partnered with a connections provider (provider) who supplies energy, gas, internet services to offer an “Electricity, Gas & Internet + Move Cash Back Special Promotion” (Special Promotion) for our Muval customers.

The FAQ and the General Terms & Conditions below, outline how customers can access the Special Promotion and the rules that apply.

This promotion is not valid with any other offer. Please read this in full, as by participating in this Special Promotion you are taken to have accepted these T&Cs.


Am I eligible for the Special Promotion? 

You are eligible to participate in the Special Promotion if you have:

  1. Completed booking a utilities service with the Provider via opting in through the Muval platform, or via a connected phone call from a Muval staff member; and also 
  2. Booked your household removalist service with Muval which has been marked as "complete" by the removalist service provider in our platform

A utilities service booking with the Provider will be considered “completed” only once Muval has received confirmation of the booking from the Provider. The Provider will have its own terms and conditions, policies and eligibility requirements that you will have to meet before the connection of services are made.

Your household removalist service is considered "completed" once the removalist partner updates the Muval platform confirming the job has been completed.

Once both the utilities service and the removalist service are completed, you are eligible to redeem your cash back by completing the form available at: https://www.muval.com.au/special-offer

What if the Provider does not operate in the location I need to move to?

To be eligible for the Special Promotion, the Provider must offer services at the same address as your move with Muval (End Location). 

It may be the case that the Provider doesn’t operate in your End Location, in which case unfortunately, you are not eligible for the Special Promotion. 

When will the cash back be applied?

Once both the utilities service and the removalist service are completed, you are eligible to redeem your cash back by completing the form available at: https://www.muval.com.au/special-offer. After you have completed the form, your cash back will be paid within 30 days.

How much is the cash back?

The cash back will be $100.00 AUD total, regardless of how many services are booked in. I.e: $100 total discount will apply if energy is booked, or if energy, gas and internet are all booked.

How will the cash back be paid?

The cash back will either be paid via the credit / debit card used to pay for the removalist service, or via Coles gift card if no credit / debit card was used. 

General Terms & Conditions

  • The Special Promotion is provided by Muval Pty Ltd ABN 12 611 512 559 of 23 Halford St, Newstead, QLD 4006 (Muval). 
  • The Provider is set out at the end of these T&Cs.
  • Muval reserves the right to withdraw this Special Promotion at any time without providing notice. In the event of the Special Promotion being withdrawn, discounts will only be honoured for bookings of the Provider made prior to the removal of the Special Promotion. 
  • The discount method will be at the discretion of Muval and will typically be made by returning funds to the card used when booking your move after your move is complete.
  • Muval reserves the right to alter these T&Cs at any time without providing notice. Your continued use of any of the services related to receiving the Special Promotion will been deemed as acceptance of any change in the T&Cs.
  • Any products or services purchased from the Provider, whether booked through the Muval platform or otherwise, are governed by and subject to the Provider’s policies and terms and conditions, including but not limited to Provider’s applicable returns/refunds, cancellation, exchange, and shipping policies. 
  • You agree that Muval is not acting as an agent of any Provider and that the Provider operates independently and is not under our control. Accordingly, your participation in offers or promotions of, or correspondence with the Provider is solely between you and that Provider. We do not assume any liability, obligation or responsibility for any part of such correspondence, offer or promotion, including, without limitation, the withdrawal or modification of any such offer or promotion by a Provider.
  • Muval is not responsible for changes to, or discontinuance of, any services from any Provider
  • Only one redemption of this offer per customer is valid
  • Muval makes no warranties about, and shall not be liable for any, content, product and/or services on the Provider’s platforms (including but not limited to the quality, merchantability or fitness of such products or services or that such content, products and/or services do not breach any laws or regulations). 
  • The Special Promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other Muval offers or promotions.
  • A person who is not party to these T&Cs has no rights to enforce any of its terms. 
  • Any decision of Muval in respect of this Special Promotion shall be considered final.



GPO Box 4778
Melbourne VIC 3001

Email: enquiries@myconnect.com.au

Phone: 1300 187 449

This special offer is valid until July 1st, 2024