Interstate Moving Cost Calculator

Get a ballpark price for your interstate move by using our useful pricing calculator below.

How much does moving interstate cost?

The cost of your interstate move move will depend on how much space (measured in cubic meters) you will need in the interstate removalist's truck, in addition to factoring in any difficulties with accessing your pickup and delivery locations. Use the tool below to get a ballpark estimate of the removalist costs to transport your items between capital cities in Australia.

Average prices from and to each capital city in Australia

Choose your house size and how heavily furnished it is and then see the estimated cost for your interstate move depending on where you're moving to and from.

I'm moving my
A few items of furniture
A moderate amount of furniture
A lot of furniture

Estimated space needed: ~35m3

Brisbane Sydney Melbourne Canberra Hobart Adelaide Perth Darwin
to Brisbane $132.12 $167.50 $158.15 $260.78 $164.04 $229.20 $202.78
to Sydney $138.61 $143.14 $133.72 $237.51 $130.92 $154.64 $312.10
to Melbourne $148.42 $130.72 $148.30 $180.50 $119.43 $160.40 $175.77
to Canberra $147.34 $123.18 $138.83 $263.00 $174.46 $232.42 $330.00
to Hobart $214.91 $246.76 $210.04 $232.22 $308.12 $361.80 $390.00
to Adelaide $173.43 $153.17 $137.77 $153.14 $204.35 $147.35 $178.10
to Perth $239.06 $241.70 $208.49 $279.00 $301.21 $186.06 $366.91
to Darwin $225.51 $331.55 $252.29 $378.49 $361.54 $236.18 $390.97

Calculations and prices are based on industry-standard, generic calculators and should be used as a guide only. This information does not constitute a fixed quote.

What's included when you book an interstate removalist with Muval?

Muval interstate moving boxes on the back of a removalist truck

Other factors that influence cost

While the cost per cubic meter of space is a large factor in calculating costs for an interstate move, there are other factors that can play a role, too. These include:

  • Access to your properties and how far away the truck needs to park from your front door
  • Seasonality; the busiest (and most expensive) time of the year to move interstate is between November and February
  • Heavy items like pool tables and pianos
  • Specialist equipment needed like a balcony lift

You can potentially save money when moving interstate by utilising backloading. This will require you to be flexible on dates, but if your items can fit inside a truck that is already travelling, you can end up getting a much cheaper price.

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Frequently asked questions

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When looking at your kitchen, the industry standard is one book carton to each cupboard door. 

Yes, it can, as long as you notify us before booking your move.

This can be organised but will incur an extra charge.

If you cancel within 48 hours of your booking (if your move is more than 5 days away) or give three weeks’ notice before your pick up date, you will get a full refund of your deposit.

If you change your list of items or space required a week before your move, we can usually adjust the price accordingly. In some circumstances this won’t be possible depending on the booking volume and amount of change and notice provided.

Packing and unpacking boxes for your house is not usually included by default when you book a removalist. This is a service that needs to be booked separately (you can do this through Muval) or done yourself, and is best arranged for a day or two before your removalist is scheduled to do your uplift.

In our experience, people always dramatically under estimate the time it takes to pack their house, and it's usually one of the most burdensome tasks of moving! If you're packing yourself, make sure you start early and do a couple of boxes a day. Otherwise, save yourself the hassle and book packing services through Muval. Your future self will thank you.

Generally, it is around four porta-robes or 6 standard cartons for a wardrobe.

Dismantling and assembling the furniture are not included in our standard pricing but can easily be added to your moving service, just ask.

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