Housewarming Gift Ideas They'll Actually Want

Wondering what to get someone who just moved into a their new home? It doesn't have to be boring.

Housewarming Gift Ideas They'll Actually Want

Put DOWN the Live, Laugh, Love sign. We can help. Here are our top five housewarming gift ideas your friends and family won’t have to hide in a cupboard and bring out whenever you visit.

1. A (not boring) welcome mat

These can be so fun!  From Lionel Richie saying ‘Hello’ to asking your guests to leave by a reasonable time, there’s a doormat out there for every household. You can even order personalised ones on Etsy, or get creative down at Bunnings with a plain mat, some spray paint, a stencil and a dream.

hello goodbye door mat

2. Food

Glorious food! Your friends have just moved in, they’ve probably spent the past few weeks cleaning, packing, organising, re-organising, wrangling the kids, and moving that cabinet from the living room to the hallway and back, because which wall looks better? You know what they probably don’t feel like doing? Cooking. Sign them up for a meal-delivery service for the week, or grab a gift voucher for a local restaurant they can check out once they’re settled. Perfect!

youfoodz door delivery

3. Something green

An oldie but a goodie, there’s a reason plants are a time-honoured housewarming tradition. Pick something that’s easy to keep alive, won’t take up too much space, and has a pretty neutral style so it’ll fit in anywhere (the giant fern in a neon pink handmade pot might be cute, but it may not fit in anywhere).

 potted plants

4. A custom painting

Perfect for first homebuyers, or anyone who has just moved into their dream home. All you need is a photo of the house, and you can get a custom drawing or watercolour that will hang proudly in the living room. Look for a simple, classic frame and you’re set! We love a meaningful gift.

framed house painting

5. Pool supplies

Okay so this one is conditional. If your friend is moving into a city apartment with no water in sight, you can skip this suggestion. BUT! There are some really fun pool toys that fall into the category of “things they probably wouldn’t buy themselves”, which is housewarming gift gold, especially if they're moving in summer.

pool float

Just remember that when you’re buying a housewarming gift, it should be about THEM and not you. Think about their personal style, decor, and practical things that can make their life easier. A thoughtful housewarming gift will help make sure you keep getting invited over!

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