How to host a successful garage sale

Here's everything we know about how you can make money at your next garage sale (and get rid of all your old stuff before you move!)

How to host a successful garage sale

If you’re looking to make a little extra money and seriously declutter before your next move, a garage sale checks all the boxes. There’s a little more to it than setting your belongings out on the driveway and putting up a sign on the nearest telephone pole, so here are out top tips to make sure your next garage sale is a success.

1. Start the sorting

We recommend starting the rummage early to find the hidden gems around your house. Set up a space to gather all your sellable items, and go through each room, cupboard and hidden storage spot until you’ve found each long forgotten item to add to the pile. Don’t underestimate the worth of your old “junk”, you never know what someone else will find valuable.

2. Pick your date

Think about how long you need to pull together your sale items, as well as your moving date, and aim for somewhere in the middle. Saturdays are obviously the best day of the week for a garage sale, and early morning is the best time to start. Give yourself enough time after your garage sale and before your move so you’re able to donate or trash any pieces that didn’t sell, and organise the rest of your move.

3. Check your permits

Especially in the era of Coronavirus and lockdowns, it’s important to check in with your local council on the rules and regulations of holding a garage sale. They may have some guidelines on signage, setup and other logistics for your day.

4. Get the word out

It’s time to advertise! This is where you can turn into your own little marketing team and really make your garage sale the event nobody wants to miss. Instead of using an old Sharpie on the back of a cardboard box, print out some legit signage for your neighbourhood. Advertise in the local paper, make a Facebook event and invite everyone you know and everyone THEY know, and even spread the word at your local school.

5. Get set up

Plan your layout: will it be driveway, front yard or something else? Think about the best spot on your property to allow your customers to browse easily. Set up tables for your smaller items, and group things together in a way that makes sense (kitchen items, clothes, outdoor items, etc.) If you don’t want to tag each item with a price, group them together in boxes like “Everything $3”.

6. Plan your cash

While there are plenty of mobile payment options these days, cash is still a big part of the humble garage sale. This means you’ll have to have a couple of options on the day; we recommend a lovely bum bag for your cash because it’s practical AND stylish.

7. Bring the vibes

If your customers are enjoying themselves, they’ll probably spend more! Give everyone serious service with a smile, be prepared for a goodhearted barter and pop on a playlist of happy music. It’ll make all the difference.

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