Job Seeker Government Relocation Funding

Decide if you could be eligible for the different relocation assistance for Job Seekers moving for Agricultural, Regional Jobs, Government, University or Private Sector positions. You can request a removal service to help you move! Muval can help you access qualified recruitment services with a range of quotes for official purposes to help formalise your relocation assistance requests.

Job Seeker Government Relocation Funding

In the wake of the pandemic, the workforce has undergone significant transformations, leading to unprecedented shifts in job dynamics. Recognising the need to adapt to the changing landscape, the Australian government has introduced innovative programs aimed at facilitating the match between job seekers and available positions. These initiatives are designed to move financial barriers and motivate individuals to step out of their comfort zones in pursuit of employment opportunities.

Am I eligible?

One prominent aspect of these programs is the provision of financial aid. Individuals who are planning to start a new job, whether for a short-term or long-term period, can now access government funding to assist with the expenses associated with relocating to a different location. This financial support program helps cover the costs of moving and facilitates the transition to a new environment in order to embark on a new employment journey.

Also, depending on where you are moving for work, the type of employer you are going to work for, and the HR policy that may encompass your role, you could be eligible for relocation assistance as a part of your new employment contract.

Finding assistance

Securing funding for various initiatives can be a dynamic and ever-changing process, subject to the policies of both governments and corporations. In the post-pandemic landscape, funding availability can fluctuate based on economic conditions, societal priorities, and the ever-evolving needs of different sectors. As such, individuals, businesses, and organisations must continuously search and monitor the landscape for available grants and funding assistance.

How much assistance can I receive?

Government Funding:

Government funding programs are often initiated to address specific societal needs and support various sectors of the economy to recruit eligible employees. These programs may arise in response to economic downturns, public health crises, or to drive innovation and growth, therefore identified industries attract skilled staff. However, the availability of government funding can be influenced by changing political priorities and budgetary considerations. At times, funding may be abundant and accessible, while at others, it might be limited due to fiscal constraints or shifting policy directions, this can affect whether schemes are targeted at skilled and unskilled positions. For example, a regional skills relocation grant may be specifically created to encourage a seasonal worker program or a pacific labour scheme.

Corporate Funding:

Corporations, too, play a significant role in supporting various projects, especially those aligned with their corporate social responsibility initiatives or strategic business objectives. Corporate funding can be subject to changes in company performance, market conditions, and leadership priorities. Some companies may establish long-term funding commitments, while others may offer periodic grants or support specific projects for a limited time.

Searching for Grants and Funding Assistance:

Given the variability in funding availability, individuals, businesses, and organisations must adopt a proactive approach to secure financial support for their endeavours. Regularly searching for available grants and funding opportunities is crucial to stay informed about new programs and deadlines. Numerous resources are available to facilitate this process, including government websites, corporate philanthropy portals, and grant databases.

Moreover, networking and staying connected within relevant industries and communities can provide valuable insights into potential funding sources. Collaborating with professional and private business associations, chambers of commerce, and other similar groups can also offer access to funding opportunities that might not be widely publicised.

Relcoation Assistance available for some jobs

Federal Relocation Assistance

Moving for work

Job seekers may get assistance to help with certain relocation (sometimes for an in person candidate interview, or a pre employment site visit as well) costs if you are participating in employment services and you need to move for work. Job providers qualified recruitment services such as Workforce Australia, Transition to Work, Parents Next and Disability Employment Services can provide tailored recruitment assistance to assist in the eligible relocation costs and helping find the appropriate support. See more at Services Australia. The Department of Employment and Workplace Relations has a Digital Services Contact Centre who may be able to provide evidence to assist with certain eligible costs if you're self-managing in Workforce Australia online.

What Costs are Covered for the Government Relocation Support?

Relocation Assistance to Take Up A Job (RATTUAJ)

The Department of Social Services provides DES Providers' responsibilities in managing the RATTUAJ. The funding assistance is targeted for long-term unemployed job seekers to relocate to begin ongoing work. It also helps employers find staff outside their local area. RATTUAJ assistance can cover up to $9000 ex GST in financial relocation costs and aid.

Relcoation Assistance available for some jobs

State Based Relocation Assistance for Regional and Agricultural Jobs

Exploring Employer-Funded Relocation Programs Across States

When it comes to employer-funded relocation expenses for work, the level of financial assistance used can differ significantly from one organisation, company, or government to another, varying even within each state. The extent of support offered hinges on the specific and tailored recruitment assistance policies adopted by the employer in question. While we can provide some illustrative examples of relocation packages in different states, it's essential to note that these benefits are typically reserved for key appointees based on their employment contract arrangements. To ensure accurate and up-to-date information, it's advisable to seek individual advice from prospective employers regarding the relocation assistance available for particular roles.

Each state boasts a unique array of incentives and benefits designed to attract top talent from different industries. However, the scope and eligibility criteria of these relocation packages may be subject to change due to varying organisational priorities, individual circumstances and evolving economic conditions. To maximise your chances of availing relocation support, it is crucial to thoroughly research potential employers and engage in open discussions about the assistance offered during the hiring process.

Employer-funded relocation grant programs present enticing opportunities for those seeking new career paths or opportunities in different states. However, it's important to recognise that these packages are often tailored to specific roles and contract arrangements. To make the most informed decision, prospective employees should actively communicate with employers to gain insights into the relocation assistance they can anticipate. By staying well-informed and prepared, job seekers can position themselves advantageously when considering relocation for work.

Here are some state by state examples of employers who potentially offer relocation assistance to new staff depending on the roles and responsibilities being recruited.

Queensland Regional Assistance

Queensland Health

Health may assist professionals who make the move to Queensland to work and can depend on the hospital/health service arranging the employment. Industry employment agencies should also be able to assist with information. Packages may contain: cost following relocation expenses; of economy airfares for employee and dependants; cost of removal of household goods; cost of short-term temporary accommodation; visa applications and administration costs; initial registration costs; airport transfers; etc.

Other organisations in Queensland offering relocation assistance packages:

Queensland Government Senior Executives

Education Queensland

University of Queensland

University of Southern Queensland

McKinlay Shire Council

Barcoo Shire Council

Relcoation Assistance available for some jobs

New South Wales

RDN Grants are for GPs, nurses, and allied health (including their family and practice support teams) to create regional NSW businesses. Site visit grants are for up to $3000 to visit an eligible health practice where there's mutual interest in a placement and total grant is based on the location and length of stay in regional NSW. Relocation grants are for primary health care practitioners moving to skilled work regional or rural NSW areas may have the opportunity to apply to the NSW Rural Doctors Network (RDN) for a Relocation Grant of up to $5000 if you are relocating to an approved community.

Now Closed: Regional Skills Relocation Grant NSW

Regional Skills Relocation Grant - this grant is now closed (closed on Friday, 15th December 2023). This grant is for up to $12,500 to assist NSW businesses in identified industries to attract skilled and specialised employees from NSW metropolitan areas, interstate, regional or remote area and internationally. When successfully employed, it may cover: furniture removal including removalist services; pet boarding for up to 3 months; furniture storage for up to 3 months; travel for employee and immediate family to relocate; temporary accommodation for up to 3 months. Specifically the job seeker must be moving away from their original residence to a regional area for at least 6 for at least six weeks and perform at least 120 hours of work or an ongoing full time equivalent. Applicants should be permanent residents, at least 18 and be relocating to a regional, remote, or designated "Harvest Trail Service Provider".

Very recently, the NSW government had taken a bold step to address the critical gaps that once existed in regional workforces, extending incentives of up to $20,000 to health professionals who made the transition to rural areas.

This groundbreaking commitment, marked a significant enhancement over the existing $10,000 program that was designed for essential healthcare practitioners. This development had arisen in the context of widespread nursing shortages throughout all regional local health districts in the state. The scarcity had been particularly acute for nurses possessing vital emergency skills needed in smaller medical facilities.

South Australia

Apprentices and traineeships Travel and Accommodation Allowance (TAA) is for businesses in rural and regional South Australia hiring an apprentice or trainee to assist eligible businesses with their travel and accommodation costs. It is intended as a contribution only and is not intended to cover the total cost of relocation. The employer may be eligible if the apprentices round trip from their home to the nearest training location is more than 150 kms.


Education Victoria offer eligible employees ongoing moving assistance, employees who need to relocate their residence due to a promotion, transfer (including remote) or redeployment may be eligible for relocation assistance.

Victoria University Relocation and immigration assistance may be available for some international students and staff relocating from interstate or overseas to take up employment with Victoria University.

Victoria regional job assistance

Regional Mental Health Workforce Incentives aim to attract recruitment and retention of staff to new state funded mental health, alcohol and and drug services in rural and regional Victoria. It supports individuals and their dependents to move, settle and integrate into rural and regional communities in Victoria. It may include: grants for relocating, settling, and remaining in regional or rural Victoria; support during the employment and transition process; support for job promotions and broader incentives to attract new and skilled staff from metropolitan areas, interstate and/or overseas.

Western Australia

Health Western Australia may assist experienced eligible appointed health professionals for a relocation incentive to move for a role in regional WA by the WA Country Health Services (excluding their head offices) or Dental Health Services. The amount depends on the date employment commenced and their employer. ENDS 30 June 2024.

Northern Territory

Health Professional Relocations Grant is a grant payment for health professionals relocating to the capital city of the NT or a more remote area within the NT. Eligible applicants may apply for a grant to assist with expenses such as household removals, flights, transport and other related expenses.


Health Tasmania offer eligible AHPRA registered health professionals relocation support which may include travel expenses, contribution towards transfer of furniture and personal effects; temporary accommodation; registration support disability employment services; government assistance; etc.


The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) offers a range of regional skills relocation grant and relocation assistance jobs and packages designed to attract skilled professionals to its vibrant and growing local community here. These packages often include financial incentives, accommodation support, and employment opportunities in various sectors such as healthcare, education, government, and technology. With a focus on boosting regional growth, the ACT government collaborates with local employers to identify critical skill shortages and create tailored regional skills relocation grant programs. These initiatives not only benefit job seekers by providing a supportive transition but also contribute to the overall development of the ACT's regional areas.


What Costs are Covered for Government Relocation Support?

A detailed list of possible included employment services that could be covered for a pre approved role (Australian Citizens) is included below as a guide. This is not an exhaustive list. Providers should contact their Employment Service Account or Contract Manager to seek clarification on additional approved items or to seek assistance.

Muval can help organise quotes and manage your move, in collaboration with your HR Professionals if required, at no extra costs for our service for a number of these services below:



  • Non-rent accommodation at new location—two weeks*

  • Rent at new location—up to two months

Disturbance costs

  • Gardening fees*

  • Cleaning fees*

  • Pet boarding fees—up to one month*

  • First groceries to set up house

  • Utility connection and exit costs

  • Relocation-associated legal costs

  • Associated medical costs

  • School uniforms

  • School enrolment fees

  • Reasonable breaking lease costs

  • Vehicle registration transfer fees

  • Licence transfer fees


  • Tools (up to $500)

  • Safety clothing

  • Uniforms

  • Boots

* Note, quotes pre approval are required before purchasing these services and all items are dependent on the package you are offered and the job you are applying for

Where are the Jobs Currently Available in Australia?

In regional areas across Australia, a diverse range of job opportunities are currently available, catering to a variety of skill sets and interests. From agricultural roles such as farm managers, livestock supervisors, and agricultural technicians, to healthcare positions like registered nurses, aged care workers, and medical administrators, there's a strong demand for professionals to support local communities. Additionally, tradespeople like electricians, plumbers, and carpenters are sought after to contribute to infrastructure development and maintenance. Tourism and hospitality offer roles such as tour guides, hotel managers, and chefs, as regional areas attract visitors seeking unique experiences.

These job opportunities not only provide fulfilling career paths but also offer the chance to enjoy the natural beauty and distinct lifestyle that regional Australia has to offer and are spread across various regional areas throughout Australia, outside of the major capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. Regional centres such as Cairns in Queensland, Geelong in Victoria, Newcastle in New South Wales, and Hobart in Tasmania have a range of job openings in different sectors. Remote and rural areas, like the Northern Territory's mining towns, South Australia's wine regions, and Western Australia's agricultural communities, also offer a wide array of job prospects. It's important to note that specific job availability by metropolitan area can vary by location and time, so researching job boards, local employment agencies, and government websites can help you find the most up-to-date information on available positions in different regional areas.

Get Quotes to Move to Regional Areas in Australia

When considering a move to regional areas in Australia from major cities or other regions, can prove invaluable. Muval simplifies the process of obtaining quotes for your relocation (including ute hire), making the transition smoother and more cost-effective. By entering your current location, destination, and details about the items you're moving, Muval connects you with reputable removalist companies that cater to the specific route you're taking. This service not only saves you time and effort but also ensures you receive accurate quotes from multiple removalists, allowing you to compare prices and services.

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