Moving House Checklist - Change of Address

You've got enough to remember and keep track of when you're moving house. The last thing you need is the stress of trying to remember all the places you need to update your address details.

Moving House Checklist - Change of Address

We at Muval often talk about eliminating as much stress as possible around moving by sharing lots of tips and tricks to help you along your journey. Today is no different. We’ve all been there at least once before, moved house and forgotten to change your address for a particular service or provider, often with one that is never front of mind, so we are here to share with you a handy change of address checklist to better prepare you before, during and after your next move.

With so many services out there that require your address, it can be completely overwhelming to sit and remember which need updating, which are the most important to update first and if you’ve left anything out.

A benefit to our digital age is that many services allow you to change details online making it a much quicker and simpler process, however be sure to note how some bodies require a change of address as some prefer written details either through email or a form while others are simply happy to take details over the phone. Although time consuming, changing and updating your address details is extremely important since your mail often contains private, personal and secure information which you don’t want ending up in the wrong hands or cause you to miss important bills or details. Taking the small amount of time to process your address details can and will save you time in the future.

Australia Post offers a redirection service for your mail for up to 12 months which will filter any mail to your new address for a small fee. If you’d prefer to do your own changeover read through the check list, better yet, print the checklist and highlight all the services that apply to you and begin your changeover.

Government Agencies  
Australia Post  
Department of Human Services (Medicare, Centrelink, child support, Veterans’ Affairs)  
Australian Tax Office  
Transport Departments for car registrations and drivers licenses  
Donate Life  
School, Universities & Tertiary Bodies  
Mobile Phone  
Internet & Home Phone  
Security systems  
Financial Institutions  
Banks & Financial Institutions  
Financial advisor  
Superannuation fund  
Mortgage provider  
Insurance companies (car, home, contents, pet etc.)  
Personal loan provider  
Health & Medical  
Private health insurance provider  
Local GP  
Health practitioners  
Gym membership  
General / Everyday / Entertainment  
Family and friends  
Subscription services (netflix, spotify, magazine & newspaper, pay TV.)  
Motorway toll tags  
Pet Registration & Vet  
Local Library  
Loyalty programs and store cards   
Real Estate Agent  
Clubs & Extra-curricular activities  

Written by Bec Wimsett from B Free Home Lifestyle Management

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