Tips for moving house with pets

Pets become such a large and loved part of our lives and caring for them and their wellbeing becomes our duty. So when moving house, we need to consider our pets to make this transition for them as smooth and stress free as possible. There are quite a few things to consider and plan for, so follow along to get our recommendations.

Tips for moving house with pets

Contact your vet to book in a check up

Seeing your vet a few weeks prior to moving with your pet move gives you the chance to make sure that they are up to date with their shots, preventative medications and to check the overall health of your loved one. If you have an anxious animal it might be worth looking into a pheromone spray or herbal treatment to help calm some nerves. Your vet will be able to give you recommendations regarding your pet if they believe they will need sickness prevention medications. If your animals are microchipped you will also need to update this information.

Interstate and International travel with your animals require a bit more planning and obtaining your pets full medical records and a health certificate might be necessary. Discuss with your vet any further paperwork that is required to take them over state lines or international boundaries.

Take your pet for a drive to their new neighbourhood

On the odd occasion that the local dog park isn't within easy walking distance or is extremely popular with limited parking opportunities, you may have to drive your pet to the park, as well as ensure that you've got a handy parking space nearby. One thing you can do early on if it is viable is start making trips to the new neighbourhood and walking around the streets and parks to get your pet accustomed to the smells of his or her new area. Stop and introduce yourself to other pet owners on your walks and introduce your pets. You can also see if there are any vets close by or use your social media platforms to join a community page and ask for recommendations. A great way to meet others in your area is to check for any pet meet up groups or pet friendly cafes.

Prepare your pet

Prepare some essentials for your pet come moving day. Ensuring that they have enough food, toys and chewable treats, water bowl, crate or basket and of course a blanket. If you own a cat or small dog it might be worth using a crate for them on moving day to ensure no little paws go creeping underneath the feet of busy moving people. Make sure that your vehicle is well prepared and comfortable enough for your pet for the move and any other trips that you will take in the future. Try introducing their crate in the weeks leading up to the move, keeping it close to their sleeping area or in the living space to get them comfortable with the idea. If possible, secure larger dogs in an area separate for them, remember you want to try keep them safe and as calm as possible by removing them from the chaos that is taking place inside.

Ease them into their new environment

Allow your pets some time to settle into their new environment but be sure to keep their routine intact after all they are creatures of habit and like a routine. This also applies if you're able to take your pet to work for the day. Allow them to familiarise themselves with the journey, where you've parked, and the local area around your workplace. Keep feeding and walking times the same and allow them to get used to the house before venturing outside. Before the animals have time to check out their new perimeter outdoors, make sure that you have checked the fence line for any holes or dangerous obstacles because if they tend to have anxious qualities they may feel the need to dig and escape. Then, of course allow them to mark their territory, you know they will anyway!

Give them lots of love

Last but definitely not least, don’t forget to give your pets lots of love. The problem with moving is that it causes a lot of stress on man as well as man’s best friend so use this time to reconnect and show them an abundance of love.

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