Muval Featured on Channel 7's Sunrise

Muval was recently featured on Channel 7's Sunrise as a great way for Australians to save money when moving house. Dubbed 'the Uber of moving' - Shaun White presented how Muval can help slash the costs of moving.

Muval Featured on Channel 7's Sunrise

Now moving house is one of life’s most stressful experiences but there are ways to make it less painful.

So the first step is finding the right removalist obviously. Sunrise correspondent Shaun White has got your hassle free guide to shifting home.

Shaun White: Yeah we don’t want it to be that painful experience. Good morning guys! One new service says it can cut your moving cost in half using one of the moving industry’s best keep secrets: the left over space in the back of removal truck.

It’s one task that certainly packs a punch.

Michelle Winter: It’s so stressful. And you know not having much notice to move makes it even more stressful and I think the cost of moving is a lot when you’re not expecting it.

Shaun White: Michelle Winter previously made the move from Brisbane down to Sydney.

Michelle Winter: I had to call around to get quotes from multiple removalists and it ended up being really expensive but I didn’t have much choice at the time.

Shaun White: Now Michelle is moving back to the Sunshine State and this time is using a service called Muval.

Michelle Winter: I saved more than half what it cost me last time.

Shaun White: So what makes Muval different? The company says its takes advantage of backloading; that is the left over space in the back of the removal truck. It’s a pretty simple process where you go on the website, fill in your information about your upcoming move and then you will be matched with trips that have been entered into the system.

James Morrell: So, if the company has a trip going from Sydney to Brisbane and they’re coming back empty, our system will match you up with available space so you're getting a really great price from a company you can trust.

Shaun White: James Morrell and Mahdi Chardi are the brains behind the operation.

Mahdi Chardi: I got the idea when I used to run my own removalist business a few years back. I was frustrated that my trucks came back empty from Interstate trips.

Shaun White: But one thing you should know, when you’re booking the available truck space on a truck that’s already booked, it often means that you need to be flexible on your pick-up and delivery dates and times.

Chloe De Ridder: Moving house can be one of the most stressful life events. So, like anything, it really does pay to be organised.

Shaun White: When moving, it’s good to get everything down on paper so you have a thorough checklist to tick off. Start by picking an actual date, this should be done as soon as possible. Chloe De Ridder is the lifestyle editor of

Chloe De Ridder: When you’re moving, don’t always assume that the weekend is the best time; get quotes from your removalist because sometimes weekdays can actually save you a lot of money in the process.

Shaun White: Take stock of your belongings and make a written inventory, separating them in to items you’ll need right up to moving day; items you can pack now; and items you can sell, donate or discard. Two weeks before moving, arrange to shift utilities including your internet, phone, and pay TV. When you’re actually moving, consider transporting and unpacking smaller boxes yourself, to save time and money. Perhaps the most important tip: always make sure you have insurance.

Chloe De Ridder: Sometimes your home and contents insurance won’t cover the moving process, so make sure that your removalists do have insurance in place.

Shaun White: You could always hire a van and move your own furniture, but might not save you in the in the long run, especially if you find you can’t carry heavy or bulky furniture.

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