Hidden fees charged by local and Interstate removalists

No one wants to be short-changed by local and Interstate removalists when moving home. Even legitimate movers might not tell you the costs associated, unless you ask...

Hidden fees charged by local and Interstate removalists

It is highly recommended you understand the extent of the additional charges that you might be billed in addition to the original estimate that was provided.

Look at the list below of the applicable charges that you should be aware of, this will help you ensure that the quote given to you by the local and Intestate removalists will hold.

Long Carry Charge

You’re done with the move. Now you want to enjoy your new home and perhaps make a start on some redecorating. Then you receive your final invoice and you wonder what the heck “long carry” is?

A long carry is a charge that may appear on your bill if the movers have a long distance to carry things from your home to the truck, or vice versa. For instance, during the move you’ll find that your movers can’t park their truck in front of your house. Because of this, the movers would either walk and carry your items. Wonder why you’re being charged?

The moving company will have a set distance that they will carry items with no additional charge. The reason why they charge this fee is to cover the lost time spent carrying your items. The longer the time that they require carrying your item, the longer your move will take and that might potentially cause cancelled jobs or movers showing up late to their next customers, and that would potentially mean a loss for the business.

The solution: Ask the local and interstate removalists during their visit the information regarding the set distance they have that would not incur an additional cost to you. Next is to ensure proper parking within the agreed reasonable distance is available at the time of the move.

Charges for inconvenient locations

If you are moving in a high-rise building or a walk-up apartment, you might need to check with the local and interstate removalist if there are any additional charges should they need to transport your goods via an elevator. Include this information in your moving checklist and write down a set of questions you should ask when getting a quote. The reason they charge this fee is because it requires the movers to take an additional step in the process of loading and unloading your items into and out of an elevator rather than moving directly from a home to the truck. The additional step takes longer and more energy on the part of the movers, so the fee is not unexpected.

The solution: Ask for a quote and relevant information then include this in your moving checklist as a guide for your moving budget.

Appliances service charge

When moving major appliances, customers are not aware that a simple favour of asking their movers to help them disconnect the appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines and to then reconnect at the new home would cost them additional fees. The reason behind this is because those are not part of the moving job description. I suggest to carefully read the fine print in the contract that you sign so you will know how much these charges are.

Assembling/Disassembling Fees

If you want to save time and hassle from the influx of new things to do in your home, let the experts assemble and move your furniture.

Check if this is a service offered by your moving company and ask them for a quote. It’s easier to have people do the assembling and disabling of furniture such as book cases, beds, entertainment units, etc. so you can focus more on the bigger things around your new home.

The solution:  Keep an inventory of items that need to be disassembled. Again, ask and negotiate.

Bulky or Heavy Items Charge

If you have any items that require special handling or instructions, ensure that you have informed the local and Interstate removalists.  This is important not only because of the fee but the items will also need the necessary equipment and protective materials to have them moved. I’m sure you don’t want these items to be left behind and be shipped in two parts which would mean a greater expense.

Some items that may require special handling might include: a grand piano, chandeliers, or a pool table, or spa.

Extra service charge

Conduct your due diligence by reviewing the contract and talk to your movers to understand what is included in the amount that you are paying.

Each local and Interstate removalist differs in how they charge customers. They each will have their own policies, so you need to make sure that you have taken everything into consideration prior to making your booking.

P.S. Check the cancellation policies of the removalists companies too, this will help you avoid cancellation fees.

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