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Top 5 things people forget to do when moving house

Moving out of your house, apartment or unit is often a stressful time. And, like all stressful times, it’s easy to forget a number of things to do in the process. We can help with that...

Moving out of your house, apartment or unit is often a stressful time. And, like all stressful times, it’s easy to forget a number of things to do in the process. The overwhelm produced from thinking of everything you need to get done, from changing your address, notifying utility providers right through to transferring medical records and getting the keys in on time to the agent can all cause unnecessary anxiety!

So instead of worrying about what you need to do, we thought we’d share with you the top 5 things that people tend to forget to do when moving house.

Take Important items: 

Sometimes it’s the simplest, most important of items that get left behind. Having evolved from the removals industry, we've seen it all, and here are some of the things we have seen get forgotten:

  • Phone chargers
  • Keys
  • Remote controls
  • The “essentials box” with staples such as a kettle, toaster, some cups, plates and basic foodstuffs, or one for the bathroom including toiletries, basic medicine or first aid, and simple things like toilet paper (don’t get stuck moving to a new house that hasn’t left any behind!)
  • Things in the attic that were stored (and potentially forgotten)

Update all mail suppliers: 

Whilst this can often be tedious (especially with so much going digital, it's sometimes hard to recall who still sends that one letter per year!), having mail redirected through a “change of address” application is often the first part of solving the issue, however this has a time span, which means it’s up to you to change your address and update all of your providers in order to ensure you don’t miss that all important bill or letter. Here’s a list of some to keep in mind:

  • Banks

  • Insurance providers

  • Government organisations

  • Electoral roll

  • Friends and family (otherwise Aunt Martha will get offended when you don’t thank her for the xmas card)

  • Utility companies

  • Vehicle registration

Medical Record Transfer: 

Especially if you are moving interstate, it’s important to establish who your new medical clinic will be be. As part of the process, you can often notify your existing practice to share all files with the new practice that you intend to frequent. This will certainly help your new GP become acquainted with your family and important medical history.

Labelling Boxes: 

Yes, as much as you would think common sense prevails, labelling boxes does get forgetting! During these times, people often want to shove everything into a box, tape it up and be done with it. Often, taking the time out to label the room it has come from and the basic items located in it, will help spark recall when moving it to your new place. Often people get caught out trying to remember which box something was in, whereas 5 mins and a sharpie will sort that out! This also really helps the removal company allocated the boxes direct to rooms when unloading the trucks. The last thing you would want is them having to leave everything in your lounge room because they don’t know where it goes and what’s in each box.

Empty the shed: 

For some reason, the shed still seems to be a forgotten part of the property, and it’s easy to leave behind things such as your lawn mower, gardening tools, cleaning tools, pots, accessories and much more. Always ensure you check the shed and clean it out as part of the moving checklist

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