Why you may need an Electrician when moving house

The electrical circuits of your home are like the nervous system in your body, when everything is working as it should we are happy, safe and warm – but when something becomes damaged, in a worst-case scenario, it can cause irreparable loss. When you are moving to a new home therefore, you will want to know that the electrical wiring and all the connections and outlets are up to safety standard.

Why you may need an Electrician when moving house

Get an electrical inspection

A licenced Electrician can assess the safety of the property on all the touch-points between humans and volts to eliminate hazards.

What does an electrical inspection cover? 

  • Checking for outdated wiring, looking for exposed wires, uncovered permanent wiring.
  • Detecting any electrical hazards.
  • Ensuring that the power-box is safe and checking safety switches.
  • Checking the power-points and light sockets.
  • Ensuring the electrical service is evaluated for efficiency.
  • In much older houses, assessing the property for DIY wiring.
  • Testing smoke alarms and evaluating their locations.
  • Checking electrical appliances for compliance and efficiency. 


Electricial Inspections When you Buy a house

It is the right of the potential purchaser of a property to have a building inspection before committing to settlement. This inspection should always include a full electrical inspection carried out for certification by a licenced Electrician. This can save tragedy and unexpected maintenance costs in the future, any problems that are found during the inspection can influence the negotiated cost of the home or potentially break the contract.

Electrical Inspections on Older Houses 

When you move in to an older house where there has been no inspection prior to occupancy (such as in a rental perhaps), and you find there are a few weird things going on such as a regularly tripped circuit breaker or localised power outagesit could be a poltergeist BUT it’s more likely that there is something not right with the old circuitry. Having and Electrician check it out (rather than the Ghostbusters) will highlight any safety problems and concerns, whether it be old wiring, overloaded circuits or a dodgy appliance.

You should particularly get an inspection if the premises: 

  • Is known to have older wiring.
  • Is known to have had old DIY electrical work undertaken during its history.
  • If the house is over 25 years old. 


Finding Licenced Electricians

Whichever state you live in, you should only ever consider hiring an Electrician who is licensed and registered with the relevant authority and that they are full insured with professional indemnity insurance.

Electrical Maintenance

It is our legal responsibility and duty-of-care to maintain our homes as a safe place to dwell, and since the days of the industrial revolution, we have evolved through the privatisation of electricity to safely co-exist with one of the most powerful forces of scientific innovation (many souls lost their lives during the learning curve). Electricity was, and still is, a revolution in humankind’s ability to adapt and survive. Whether you still rely on fossil fuels, or your energy is cleanly farmed from the sunshine that Australian has in such abundance, you need an Electrician just as you need a Doctor.

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