My name is Sally, and I moved from Melbourne to Brisbane

In February, I was offered an exciting new job promotion too good to turn down. In less than one month my partner and I had packed up and relocated from Melbourne to Brisbane.

My name is Sally, and I moved from Melbourne to Brisbane

The process definitely had its ups and downs, but we got there in the end! Here's the 3 golden lessons I learnt from moving home successfully on such a quick time schedule.

Lesson 1: Be Excited

The number one lesson I want to share, is to be excited. Obviously, we were nervous, stressed and overwhelmed with the move process, but there was always an element of excitement to get us through. It helped that we booked one of the best removalists Melbourne has to offer, too. Motivating each other with the exciting new chapter to look forward to is what kept our mindset positive and allowed us to be much more efficient with our energy for the move. Something as simple as thinking about how much use I will get out of my favourite bikini on the sunny Queensland beaches would get me through packing a whole lot quicker! Or breaking up computer duties by looking up some exciting things to do once we arrive. This is not to say that there were no emotional nights, because there most defiantly was! It's hard to leave behind a home, friends and everything you are used to. But there is no point making the move feel like a depressing chore, so focusing on the exciting future puts you in a much better mind set. Personally, with our move the stress of move date looming and not feeling ready was what set us back more than anything, so it was really beneficial to take a moment to chill out and discuss the possibilities waiting for us. Now I know if I ever move again, I will make a conscious effort to focus my mind on the positive excitement of the move rather than letting the stressful and emotional goodbyes consume me. 

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Lesson 2: Backload

After a fair bit of research, we knew we wanted to choose a back-loading service to save ourselves some money on our furniture relocation. Back loading is the process of filling a truck on its way back from its booked location. For example, if someone had booked a removalist truck to take their belongings from Brisbane to Melbourne, we could then use the truck on its return journey from Melbourne to Brisbane and receive a discount. 

This is how we ended up using MUVAL. They calculate your required space in cubic metres, then aligns you with a truck that has that space available going to the location required. Almost like an Uber for removalists. Not only does MUVAL involve finding trucks wishing to backload but it also finds trucks that are not quite full, which for us worked perfectly since we didn't have too many belongings to move. For example if a family household booked a whole truck but only filled 70% of it with belongings, the other 30% is available on MUVAL for purchase at a discounted rate. I would defiantly recommend utilising this when moving home.

Lesson 3: Organisation is key

To remain as stress free as possible when moving to a new house you must be prepared through organisation and planning! Developing a move strategy sounds over-the-top but it is 100% necessary. Researching step-by-step guides to moving interstate, and commonly overlooked or forgotten tasks when moving home was really beneficial, and adding it all into a timeline of To Do lists that we could check off made the process a lot smoother. However, it was difficult to stick to the timeline especially since there was still many tasks that we overlooked despite all the research. I would defiantly put more time into planning and organisation for any future moves. 

I hope these 3 golden lessons are of assistance for anyone else moving in the near future! I know they made my move that little bit more bearable.

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