The hidden secrets of saving money when moving home

Without some good planning, moving home becomes one of those things that always ends up being more expensive than you anticipated. We’ve got some tips to help you save the cents and the dollars and make your whole experience financially manageable.

The hidden secrets of saving money when moving home


Unfortunately, there is not an easy 'magic wand' solution to saving money when moving. When undertaking an expensive and big life choice such as relocating interstate other non-essential expenses need to be reined in. This can be difficult and requires discipline because the whole event can be exhausting and draining. You are far more likely to give in to the easier and probably more expensive choices throughout the moving process.

Cutting down the non-essentials

Take-away dinners and coffee to go will be more tempting than ever as your spare time gets eaten up by packing but resist and your bank account will thank you for it. You don't have to go cold turkey, maybe make your take away dinner last two meals - save some for lunch the next day. Maybe only have one shot in your coffee instead of a double, or go small.

Call in some favours

This is where your friends and family can be really helpful…and cheap. Use all your powers of persuasion and charm to get them to help you pack, clean, take stuff to the dump, organise a garage sale, anything you can think of that would otherwise cost you time and money. All those times you babysat for your sister or that time you got your nephew a job? It's time to call those favours in.


This isn't just a shameless advertising trick, we genuinely can save you a significant amount of money. MUVAL works by using the left over space on already scheduled journeys happening interstate.

Removal companies waste space on almost every journey because their truck isn't 100% full. Sometimes they can be empty on a return journey. Imagine a truck makes a long haul delivery from Perth to Adelaide, delivers the goods and turns around and heads back again. That return journey with an empty truck is waste. Wasted space and wasted money.

Or a truck needs to travel from Brisbane to Sydney but has only 50% of its hold full. Half of that truck is waste. That 'waste' can be shared with those who will find it valuable.

We keep track of those journeys and any other journey that has a truck with space to fill. Removalist companies that sign up to MUVAL send us a weekly schedule of their journeys which we then match up with customers looking to move their possessions interstate.

Removalists are prepared to offer otherwise premium space at low prices because they will make money whereas before they would have made none. Customers get a cheap moving rate because they don't have to hire a whole truck to only use a small amount.


The facts are that the less stuff you have the less money it will cost you. It means you won't need as much space in the MUVAL removalist truck. Many experts also believe that living with only what you need is a healthier way to live. To declutter your life of unnecessary things is a liberating experience and one that many people who have done it recommend. All that stuff you don't need can also be sold on eBay or in a garage sale leaving you with a pocket full of cash.

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