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5 Things to Do before Moving Day

We all want our next move to be as stress-free right? We have compiled this list of the five things you should to do before your moving day to ensure you are well prepared and get to enjoy the move (and be stress-free!).

We all want our next move to be as stress-free right? At Muval we love to figure out the best ways to help people move house, apartment or granny flat, and with access to technology and so many resources out there, moving house has never been easier!

As such, we have compiled this list of the five things you should to do before your moving day to ensure you are well prepared and get to enjoy the move (and be stress-free!).

Here are our top five things to do before moving day:

Find your moving truck:

There are so many options out there, subject to how much stuff you have to move, where it’s going to, your budget, the individual items that need assistance etc. Muval typically reduces the stress here by finding you the space you require for your move on trucks that already moving in between locations. For example, if you need to only move 15 cubic metres, in between Perth and Sydney (or almost any location for the matter) Muval will find the truck with the available space in it, and if it can share a load with someone else who is moving between those locations, even better! 

If you are unsure of how much space you require, there is a handy calculator on the website which allows you to enter each of the items you have from each of the rooms and puts together an estimate for the cubic metres you may require. Note, it’s always better to overestimate than underestimate as many removalists will charge extra if you have underestimate the space you need.

Develop a House Checklist: 

By putting together a house checklist of everything that is required around the house as part of your move you will not only make things easier on yourself but you will also remember everything that needs to get done. Often people commit a lot of this to memory and then forget the things they need to do when it comes to crunch time and the moving day looms closer.

A checklist should cover off all the main things you need to such as: 

  • cleaning - what needs to be done and by when
  • changing address (see next point)
  • organising for Utilities to be shut off or started
  • what needs to be packed and when
  • who needs to be notified that you are moving
  • who will look after the pets when moving house or how will they be transported

Register for a Change of Address:

Sounds simple, but there are a few places you need to register your address change. The first is through your state government licensing provider, your vehicle license (and registration if moving interstate) needs to be updated, you typically have a grace period for your licence and vehicle registration so ensure you check before you move and it to your checklist above. 

Your electoral commission role also needs an update address to confirm the new electorate that you are moving to, as there are fines for not voting. And, finally, there is also Australia Post if you wish to redirect your mail, which ensures everything gets redirected to you for a period of time, just ensure that you update the utility, bills, and letter providers with your new address as they come through. Better yet, you can also try and go paperless and have all of these documents that are traditionally mailed, emailed to you instead.

Obtain Floor Plans:

Might sound a bit odd, but having a set of floor plans for the place you are moving to will allow you to plan a number of things before moving day including: 

  • Establishing if furniture will fit in various rooms and where. It will also help you know what you need to sell off or get rid of. 

  • Allows you to mark boxes as your packing to notify the removalist which rooms each of the box should belong to

Involve Family Members:

Most family members are more than happy to help, and you know what they say, many hands make for light work. If your family is close by, why not put on a BBQ (or order your fav chinese or Pizza place) and a few drinks, and invite them around to help with all of the packing, preparation, cleaning etc. Of course, if your family members are not around (or have something else to do on that day) you can always put the words out to your mates!

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