Take the stress out of moving home with these 5 tips

For some people, moving house only happens once or twice in a lifetime. However, in a growing world of globalisation, reduction in flight costs, costs of living in major capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth increasing significantly, the chances of moving, and moving regularly has never been so prominent. Moving interstate has become incredibly popular with many seeking lifestyles more aligned with where they want to live, work and relax.

Take the stress out of moving home with these 5 tips

In parallel, the cost of living, has increased out of proportion with wages, meaning a greater increase rental properties over purchased properties, with millennials especially being more focussed on asset utilisation (renting, Air BNB etc.) over shorter periods of time, over asset ownership (buying a place and staying in it).

For those whom have moved, you most likely can relate to a horror story or three experienced when moving home. We've heard of instances where removalists haven't shown up, where boxes have been thrown into trucks, delivered with damaged goods, getting a quote to move home is a mission, pricing variance and knowing whom to trust to move your items.

So, if you're going to move, you want to make it as stress free, and as low fuss as possible, here are 5 tips that's going to help make the whole process MUCH easier!


According to porch.com who are moving experts in the U.S, the number one rule of moving house is to purge everything that you absolutely don't need. Now is your chance to flog things on gumtree or ebay and make a little spare cash which will help with the move. After all one persons trash is anothers treasure. And, if you cant sell it, then throw it away. Taking rubbish with yo is a waste of money,


Figure out how much stuff you have to move, which will make getting a quote to move much easier. You can use an online calculator such as the one found here: https://www.muval.com.au/find-space you simply fill in your details a nd the system will tell you how many cubic metres you need.


Get ready for action. Ensure you have everything you need to start packing. Staple packing items include:

  • Cardboard boxes which can be obtained from a variety of sources from rental companies, through to local supermarkets and hardware stores.
  • Tape - buy the good stuff, a quality packing tape is worth every sent, ensuring it won't rip, peel or come off easy when being transported
  • Permanent Marker - buy a pack of these and ensure you mark EVERYTHING with as much detail as possible. Try and keep similar items from similar areas within the same box.
  • Paper - whilst old newspapers can do the trick, they also leave a lot of black residue/print stains on everything! The easier way is to purchase packing paper in massive reams which makes it much nicer and cleaner Process


Getting a price on moving interstate, especially for smaller apartments, townhouses, units and studios is often quite difficult. Look for a service that is able to give you a price quickly and that makes the process of engaging a removalist super simple. Remember, price isn't everything,. You want to make sure the company you find has a good reputation, is communicative with you, and is acting in your best interest.


Easy to say, but hard to do. If you have a basic plan, you prepare everything accordingly and you use tools such as MUVAL to help find the best provider for your interstate move, you can rest easy as night knowing the process is much easier than you thought.

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