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The Ultimate Guide to Moving House

If you're moving house soon and are looking for tips and tricks for packing and getting organised, this list of 50 tips is for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Moving House

We've been working with our friends at The Organised Housewife on the ultimate list of tips and tricks for packing and getting organised for moving house. Not only have they put together a comprehensive list of the top 50 things you should do to get organised, but they've also put together a handy moving planner with a 6 week checklist

Moving house is stressful. With a million different things going on in your life, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to getting organised for your move. At Muval, we try to publish helpful guides and blogs about different things that can make your move go smoother, like the Top 5 things people forget to do when moving house and 4 tips for an easy move. However, nothing we've ever published is as comprehensive as the guide that the team at The Organised Housewife have put together.

I won't re-list all 50 great tips here, but I do want to highlight some of my favourites:

Tip #11 - Rolling up your jewelry

This is such a simple but effective way to organise really tricky items like jewelry when you're packing. This is super effective at preventing necklaces and chains getting tangled. We would add, though, that very valuable pieces of jewelry should be moved with you in your hand luggage or a bag you take with you, rather than in a removal truck.

roll up jewelry when packing

Image from The Organised Housewife

Tip #26 - Don’t take clothes off their hangers

This is both a fantastic time saver (since you don't need to individually remove clothes from hangers, fold them, and pack them in boxes), and a great way to ensure your clothes aren't really creased when they get unpacked after your move.

clothes on hangers

Image from The Organised Housewife

Tip #33 - Grocery home delivery

I am a huge advocate of removing any peripheral tasks or stresses when it comes to moving house, as on the day you'll have enough to focus on! A few days before your move, schedule a grocery order delivered to your new house a few hours before you plan to arrive. It will make a world of difference having a few things to eat in the fridge as soon as you're moved in without the bother of needing to go and do a full grocery shop yourself.

You'll probably want to treat yourself to take away the night of your move, too, because you'll be exhausted! So save some room in the budget to try one of your new local restaurants that night.

These are just a few of our favourite tips in what we consider to be the ultimate guide to moving house. For the full guide, head over to and check it out!

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