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Sydney Removal Services

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About Sydney Removal Services

Premium removal services - Careful, Reliable, Punctual, Transparent. As seen on Channel 9 & SBS.

In a nutshell, we provide a premium removal service. We are honest, transparent, reliable, careful and great value. We never run sub-contractor trucks, swap loads, or use 3rd parties to work for us. This means less chance of damages, lost or mixed items. Communication & punctuality are our forte and we strive to always do the best by our customers. If you choose us, expect a smooth transition.

We have serviced thousands of customers in NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT. Our current Google reviews stand at 4.7/5 and we are proud to say they are all genuine.

A bit about me: I am not your average removalist - I have 7 years experience in sales & team mangament within the electronics, IT and communications industries, working for companies like Sharp, Bose, Vodafone and Harvey Norman. They say a leopard can't change it's spots, but while managing Harvey Norman in Eastern Sydney between 2008-2010 I noticed there were constant problems with our delivery service and it wasn't very flexible for our customers. In turn we were losing sales and repeat business.

I approached the franchisee of my store who agreed the delivery service was poor and needed a revamp. I then proposed completing deliveries on my days off, and after hours together with a friend. So I bought a Ford Transit and got to work. Word of mouth travelled fast that we were good and we quickly secured contracts to deliver for other Harvey Norman stores within Sydney. Before I knew it, I was changing career and buying trucks! Daily we were now delivering installing & removing everything from beds, couches, washing machines, TVs, hanging dryers and plumbing fridges. Our record was on Anzac day 2011 where a team of 6 successfully completed 119 deliveries in the Sydney Metro area!

Unfortunately in 2012 as we were growing and securing more stores I was in an accident (squashed between a truck and car as a pedestrian) which led to a long, hard recovery for over 2 years. Unable to walk, in and out of hospital & physiotherapy. Due to this, I lost the business and had a lot of time to think about what was next. I learnt how to walk again, managed to hold on to 1 of my trucks, and planned my come back - removals.

My experience combined with a problem solving nature, multi-tasking skills, being technologically proficient & able to manage teams, sales and marketing simultaneously I found removals a natural transition & a breath of fresh air. Similar, but not the same - my experience in whiteware & bulky-goods delivery, removal and installation laid the foundation for becoming a removalist. I soon began contracting for 2 men and a truck, of whom I completed AFRA training with. Suffice to say, like most industries, I learnt more on the job than anywhere else. Over the years, being placed in different situations, and learning how to over come them so many times it become second nature.  They say an expert is "somebody who has made every mistake in a given field". Also I believe everybody can teach you something - so working with a large number of staff, and other removalists over the years has definately added to my skillset. 

After a short stint with TMAAT I started Sydney Removal Services in early 2012, with a goal was to start a premium removal service. We have done well fulfilling our goal, servicing thousands of customers in Sydney, VIC, QLD and ACT. Our current Google reviews stant at 4.7/5 and we are proud to say they are all genuine. I'm also lucky to be chosen to speak about a range of things on television like my accident & tax breaks for small business. I have been featured on SBS Small business secrets, SBS News, Channel 9's The Project and the Good morning show.

We have staff in Sydney and the Gold Coast. Our Gold Coast staff worked with us in Sydney for 3 years prior to their move, which is important so we are all on the same page as far as quality control is concerned. 

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